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Restaurant Audio Source Controller
Restaurant Audio Source Controller Jay Peak Stateside hotel. Restaurant audio source select controller installed behind bar.
Stateside Hotel Bar Sound System
Stateside Hotel Bar Sound System Hotel Bar Speaker system by Octasound. Jay Peak Stateside Hotel
SP800A Octasound Speaker in Bar
SP800A Octasound Speaker in Bar Plenty of headroom for this Bar Sound System at the Stateside Hotel. Tapped at 32W. Octasound SP800A speakers.
Stateside Jay Peak Hotel
Stateside Jay Peak Hotel View from outside the hotel. Octasound products instelled. SP800A speakers, RASX4 source controls and RAMX2 mixers.
Octasound RASX4
Octasound RASX4 Mixer selection of the RASX4. User can turn the RAMX2 mixers on and control the master volume.
RAMX2 Mixer - Restaurant Installation
RAMX2 Mixer - Restaurant Installation When the source select is on Mixer users can access the sound system with MP3, IPODS, PC's and microphone via the RAMX2 mixer.
SP800A Jay Peak Restaurant
SP800A Jay Peak Restaurant 1 of 3 Restaurant / Bars at the Jay Peak Stateside hotel utilizing the Octasound SP800A speaker.
Octasound in Retail
Octasound in Retail Octasound SP800A speakers blend into open grid ceilings. Retail ski shop at the Stateside Hotel.
RAMX2 Aux Input Instructions
RAMX2 Aux Input Instructions 1 - Plug in an MP3, IPOD or PC. 2 - Turn up the volume.
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