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For high quality, economical speakers for your arena, gymnasium, recreational facility or skating rink public address system look to Octasound to provide you with the ultimate solution. When you’re dealing with a large space, reverberation can seriously affect clarity and speech intelligibility. Octasound omnidirectional speakers are your best approach for voice and music.

The Principle

octasound_3d4 discrete horns project sound in all directions to give you true projected not reflected sound. The large woofer radiates bass. Incredible efficiency gives you the headroom needed to keep things crystal clear. With over a quarter of a century of proven design and manufacturing experience, Octasound is the speaker of choice. Efficiency, quality, flexibility and reliability are the cornerstones of our business.

Low Cost

One Octasound speaker will do the job of several conventional speakers. Tulsa Expo Center used 12 Octasound speakers instead of 200 conventional speakers to cover a huge 448,000 sq ft space. You save on hardware and you save on installation.

Amazing Sound Quality

Over and over again customers report that they can hardly believe how good the Octasound speakers sound. This applies to music as well as announcments.

Solid Durability

The Octasound speaker was born in the crucible of Canadian hockey arenas where cold, moisture and stray slap shots would quickly destroy a speaker that wasn't built to take the punishment. Specific models use a polyurethane elastomer finish similar to the bottoms of your work boot. The finish is applied inside the cabinet as well to protect against any moisture that causes normal painted finished cabinets to swell.

Pat Burns Arena - Photo's and Media

Our Common Goal

Home to memories and dreams, the Border Arena has been bringing young and old on both sides of the border together for over 55 years. From the legendary Maurice "Rocket" Richard scoring at the inaugural game to peewee leaguers suiting up for the first time, the Border Arena has earned a special place in our hearts. But the Old Barn has seen better days. As a community we deserve a new and modern arena. One to inspire youth. One to bring our communities together. One to make us proud.

Understanding the need and urgency for a new arena, business and community leaders have united to launch Our Common Goal campaign. This $3 million initiative will help build our new arena. Recognizing the important role sports and physical activity play in the lives of our youth, former long time resident and coaching legend Pat Burns has enthusiastically endorsed this project by lending his name to the arena. Now it's your turn to help make the Pat Burns Arena a reality. Pat Burns summarized it the best.

It's about young kids learning to become healthy, responsible, fair and disciplined citizens thanks to this great game and the volunteer coaches and parents who make it happen.

Without a proper facility, this can't happen. I hope you'll help us build this new facility that will help local youth and families feel pride in their community and learn to love the game that has given so much to me over the years"

~Pat Burns

The community and businesses completed this goal with the grand opening on .  Go kids Go!

Octasound Speakers in The Real World

Tulsa Expo Square — A Case History

Listen to the audio for some astonishing facts about how KDM's Octasound speakers have completely won over the folks at Expo Square. With it's many large buildings spread over 240 acres, Tulsa Expo Square hosts over 400 events each year. The largest of these buildings – The Tulsa Expo Center – makes an excellent case history.

How is that Possible?




octasound_3d 4 In One!
When you but any of the Octasound 360 x 120 speakers you are actually getting 4 speakers in one unit. Rather than using one cone type speaker per unit Octasound gives you 4 horns and one woofer. Some competing speakers use a coaxial cone-type speaker which is basically a smaller cone within the main cone but this doesn't begin to compete with 4 horns facing in four directions and a dedicated woofer for the lower frequencies.


Why Horns?

trumpetTake a look at any PA system being used for music in a large space. Almost without exception the mid and high frequencies are being produced by horns. The horn type speaker has a separate driver inside which produces the vibrations. The horn then amplifies and projects the sound. Think of how much louder a trumpet is in a small room compared to almost any other instrument and you'll see what we're 'driving' at. The trumpet also projects the sound forcefully compared to other ways of delivering sound vibrations. The bottom line is the horn is a far more efficient device giving you much more volume per watt of input signal every time.

Projected Not RefelectedProjected Not Reflected
Some competing systems shaped like spheres take the sound from a cone speaker and bounce it off a curved surface. Imagine that trumpet player in the room turned away from you. The sound you're hearing is bouncing off the wall. Now ask the trumpet player to turn and face directly at you. Guess which sound is louder and clearer.S

Spreading The Sound Around
The horn design in inherently more directional in the way it delivers sound — that's why an Octasound speaker has 4 horns so that the sound is being projected evenly in all 4 directions. (Our 5-series speakers use just 2 horns because they are designed to cover 180° rather than the full 360°)

The Bottom Line On The Bottom End
While the horns make for excellent clarity and speech intelligibility, they need the help of a woofer to round out the sound and give it natural depth and body. Every Octasound speaker includes a dedicated woofer to produce those lower frequencies. Most of our competition is using the same speaker to produce the lows and the highs but Octasound provides up to a 15" woofer to produces those lower frequencies.

Proving It In The Real Worlds.
Richard Bailey talks about Octasound. So after all the tech speak is done, how does it work in the real world? While we were visiting Tulsa Expo Square we interviewed Richard Bailey who supervised the sound installations in the buildings that make up this giant facility.

Interview with Richard Bailey

76 speakers VS only 8 Octasound Speakers

Crystal Clear Announcements

Competitors Quote

First Impressions

Octasound Intelligibility

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The Ice Haus went from a mediocre sound system at best, to clear and crisp sound with the Octasound system installed. I cannot say enough about their professionalism and their knowledge within the industry.

~Dennis Himes
Ice Haus Arena Manager

I am the Athletic Director at Lowry High School in Winnemucca, Nevada and I am very happy to write you about how happy everyone at Lowry High School is about our new sound system. Our administrators could not believe that one speaker in the middle of the gym, could replace and sound so much better than the 14 speakers that we had hung in there before. We at Lowry are very happy to be able to write this testimonial about customer care. Thanks again and feel free to use me as a recomendation any time.

~Chad Peters
Assistant Athletic Director - Lowry High School.

Everything went off without a hitch at St. Wenceslaus last week. We finished the install and had everyone trained before noon on Friday. Kim Doyle (the principal) was extremely satisfied and thankful. The system sounds great and there are absolutely no dead spots or issues with the wireless mics getting signal at the farthest parts of the gym.

~Don Owens
Rav Technologies

I want to thank you for installing our new High Quality PA System in our Gymnasium. The KDM SP840A is much better than we ever imagined. Our Sports Booster Club has been working on raising funds for a new system, however with the prices we were being quoted this seemed out of reach. With this system and your efforts we were able to raise the funds quickly and finally accomplish a three year goal.

~Hal L. Mortensen
Assistant Principal-Athletics/Budget/Facilities Moapa Valley Empowerment High School-the Pirates

What People are Saying About "Octasound"

I can't thank you enough for your recommendation provided to my customers group exercise fitness facility, Area 45 Fitness. As usual you were spot on. The SP800A performed perfectly for this application, which required audio clarity in a noisy environment. Although, the real show stopper here was the new OS2X12 subwoofer, what a beast! The bass 'crispness' is deep and amazing....these 2 units together may be the ultimate combination. To be able to fill a noisy room environment that large with this kind of performance....out of 2 speakers, is nothing short of incredible. I've attached some photo's. Great job on your product line, and I look forward to working with you again on the next project! Thanks again.

~Neal Stulberg
President - Fit-Tech Inc.

We are totally satisfied with our new KDM Sound System, especially considering the previous problems we had in addressing our acoustically difficult facility.

~Chief Larry King
Mohawk Council of Akwesasne

See our advertisement based on this installation.

Things went quite well with the install. Everyone is pleased. This will do well for the national competition coming up. When hockey season begins, I expect lots of happy faces from the crowd and players alike. The intelligibility has increased by at least a factor of 5.

~Jay Cutler
Sun Valley Ski Resort - Arena

Right from the moment of our first test I was amazed by the volume and clarity of the Octasound speaker!

~Richard Bailey
Tulsa Expo Square

Details on this amazing installation click here.

I was totally amazed by it's sound quality, especially the voice clarity during crowded public sessions. All this in one very compact speaker.

~Peter A. Bilous - General Manager
The Skating Club of Wilmington, Delaware

Everything went off without a hitch at St. Wenceslaus last week. We finished the install and had everyone trained before noon on Friday. Kim Doyle (the principal) was extremely satisfied and thankful. The system sounds great and there are absolutely no dead spots or issues with the wireless mics getting signal at the farthest parts of the gym.

~Don Owens
Rav Technologies

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