kdm_logo_redKDM was registered as a proprietorship in 1974 and incorporated in 1976. After being located at 705 Progress Ave for 18 years, the company has moved twice to gain much needed additional manufacturing space.

Ron Bull founded KDM Electronics Incorporated to design and manufacture central speaker clusters and sound systems for Recreational Facilities (Hockey and Figure Skating Arenas, Gymnasiums, Community Halls, Swimming Pools, etc.).

These sound systems are flexible, easy to operate, and capable of producing voice and music quality not normally found in these types of facilities. Ron Bull's experience and education have enabled the company to meet and exceed its goals.

octasound_logo_whiteKDM introduced the Octasound Speaker System in 1985. This product is a completely self contained 360º Central Speaker Cluster shaped in the form of an Octagon. This new product design represented a radical departure from the normal approach of constructing a central speaker cluster. Before the introduction of the Octasound Central Speaker, it was normal practice to construct a custom frame that secured a variety of manufactured components to form a central speaker cluster.

The new Octasound Central Speaker Cluster has greatly improved the sound quality available for end users. The Octasound Central Speaker is an economical, compact and aesthetically attractive design compared to the rather ugly, bulky designs of the past.

Between 1985 and the present, KDM has introduced a family of Octasound Speaker Systems to meet market requirements. The original design was very large, weighed 285 lbs. and was over 36 cubic feet in volume. Today Octasound Central Speaker models weigh between 7 and 75 lbs. and are only 0.75 to 4 cubic feet in volume.

In 1990, KDM introduced an extremely compact Mini Octagon Speaker. Currently KDM offers two models. The KDM SP80A and KDM SP800A models are targeted towards the market that normally uses ceiling type speakers. In addition to the Mini Octasounds, KDM has also introduced several models that are designed to cover a 180° angle and use a 'half octagon'. For complete info on how these designs work together please click here.

Over the years, KDM has also introduced a variety of electronic products that are designed to provide the most user-friendly possible interface for the end user.

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