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Getting ready to hang.
Getting ready to hang. Octasound speakers are ready to hang out of the box. Approx 30 minutes or less is required to hang the speaker. hanging and octasound speaker sp860a
Norfolk County Port Dover Arena
Norfolk County Port Dover Arena Port Dover Arena, Norfolk County arena sound system norfolk county port dover
Old Vs. New
Old Vs. New Original Octasound concept on the Right. New replcement on the Left. Original speaker was in service for approx 25 years! Built Tough! new octasound old octasound sp860a
Port Dover Arena
Port Dover Arena Home of Stanley Cup Champions port dover arena stnaley cup champions
Port Dover Arena - Octasound
Port Dover Arena - Octasound SP860A Octasound speaker with 2 SP540A for Bleacher coverage arena sound system hockey arena octasound sp540a sp860a
Port Dover Bleacher View
Port Dover Bleacher View View of the Arena floor during install taken from bleachers. hockey arena sound system octasound port dover arena sp540a sp860a
SP540A Closeup
SP540A Closeup Close look at the SP540A Bleacher speaker. arena bleacher speaker sp540a
SP860A and SP540A Bleacher coverage
SP860A and SP540A Bleacher coverage Different view of the SP860A and SP540A bleacher coverage. bleacher speakers hockey arena sound system sp540a sp860a
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