Rugged and Simple! - Now with Front Power LED and ability to have both Variable and Constant Level outputs. Constant level output now provides a means to supply the source signal (CD, MP3, IPOD, COMPUTER, MICROPHONE) to a separate Zone or Hearing assist system. If the RAMX2™ volume is adjusted it will not affect the Hearing assist system or vary the volume in another part of the building where the source signal is required.

The Octasound RAMX2 is a easy to operate 2 channel mixer for any sound system. Simply plug in a Microphone, MP3 Player, Laptop, Ipod or CD player, and turn up the volume! The Octasound RAMX2 can be placed anywhere in a facility. Fitting into a standard single gang electrical box. It's unique daisy chain ability allows multiple units to be wired together with only one home run. Saving on wire and installation costs! The RAMX2 can be installed using CAT5 or Shielded based cable with no external adapters required. It's compatible with all previous versions. Built tought for years of service. Older KDM models have lasted 20 plus years in the field. Easy to operate, easy to install.

  • Easy to operate 2 channel mixer
  • Ultra low noise, Interference Resistant, SMT-based design
  • Proprietary Mic Impedance Acceptance Technology
  • Voice filters to enhance speech intelligibility
  • Installs in a standard outlet or electrical switch box
  • Sealed pots and highest quality components throughout
  • Daisy chain up to 3 units for 6 channels
  • Front Power indicator LED.
  • CAT 5 or shielded audio cable based installation
  • Easy to install - strip and insert into the provided plug connectors
  • Double anodized markings will not fade or wear off
  • Compatible with previous versions (MX120A)