RASX4 anim

Introducing the Octasound RASX4 remote audio selector from Octasound

At a glance the RASX4 is a source select controller that allows users to select various music sources for specific areas / zones of a building. But beneath the basic shell Octasound has engineered a "one of a kind" commercial selector switch built with the client, end user and the installer in mind. The RASX4 is modeled around the RAMX2 remote mixer design. It's so simple to operate no manual or in-depth training is required. Select a channel, turn the volume up or down.

Custom engraved panels

Throw out the markers and stickers that are commonly used on other plastic panels to indicate channel selection. Octasound provides the only audio selector system with custom engraved panels for a truly professional looking system.

LED channel indicators

The RASX4 indicates the selected channel with bright LED's. Red LED indicates off and a white LED's for Channel 1 to 4.

Aluminum Black Anodized Panel

The black aluminum anodized panels will withstand vandalism and are superior to simlar plastic controls which can break easily. The engraved panel will ensure the channel markings can never be altered or removed.

Sealed volume controls

We use high quality sealed metal volume controls in our products. Plastic controls are more susceptible to damage / vandalism.  The use of sealed metal controls also ensure they won't oxidize over years of use. The RASX4 is built for commercial environments.

Buy only what you need

One Controller controls one zone. Easily expand your system one zone at a time with the RASX4 modular design.


No computer programming required

The RASX4 does not require any special software / firmware / programming whatsoever. It's so easy to configure you won't need a computer specialist to pre-program it. No files to lose, no storage to worry about and no hidden computer settings. It's just plain easy.

** When computer based systems fail they take out every zone tied to them. Leaving a facility without music programming for a lenghty time. In some cases the manufacturer may not offer the same product and old programming not compatible. The entire sound system front end may need to be replced.  With the RASX4 there are no files to lose, no storage to worry about. RASX4 is modular meaning you can simply swap any board in and out for a replacement repair.

Legacy Support

The RASX4 will never be obsolete and it's backwards compatible. It's audio in and audio out with no computer based system or firmware to keep up to date. Using industry standards all the devices we build are sure to be backwards compatible. The RASX4 can be used to replace the original MP200A source select modules built by KDM 30 years ago.

Daisy Chain

If you have more than one zone you simply add one control panel and main board for each zone. The power and audio sources can easily be chained together from one board to the next. Each RASX4 main board re-amplifies the audio to prevent signal loss when splitting inputs. 20 zones can be confgured with just one power supply.

Priority control and mute.

The RASX4 can be used in priority mode or muted entirely.


  • Connecting a switch to priority input activate/selects channel 4 automatically. Wire the switch from a microphone to mute all other channels, when pressed, and make an announcement.
  • Use a fire alarm pull to mute the audio channels and activate a microphone for critical announcements.


  • With priority mute all music sources are muted / turned off. This is usefull if your building has an evac system. The soud system in the building will be muted and will not interfere with critical EVAC announcements.

Connect RAMX2 Mixers into the RASX-MB for even more options.

The RASX4 can easily power and accept audio from several RAMX2 mixers. Just about every perceivable needed sound system configuration for Arenas, Gyms, Restaurants, retails stores, schools, churches etc can be acheived with an RASX4 and an RAMX2. The RAMX2 is Mic and Aux outputs can be placed onto any RASX4 input channel. This feature allows the RASX4 to be the master control of the RAMX2 mixers. You can set the maximum volume level for the RAMX2 user or turn them off entirely to restict acces to the sound system. Using the RAMX2's new constant level output allows audio from the mixer to be sent to another zone. The constant level output prevents the RAMX2 user from varying the volume in a hearing assist system or separate zone.

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