Octasound Uses Eminence!

Compact subwoofer for Arenas, Gyms, Restaurants and Bars

  • Small and Compact - 23" L x 15" W x 15" H
  • Smooth clean bass - Bipole Design
  • Easily covers Up to 10,000 Square Feet.
  • Impact Resistant Rugged Polyurethane Elastomer Finish
  • Pucks, Basketballs, Lacrosse Balls, Projectiles - No Problem!
  • 4 Suspension Points - Ready to Hang right out of the box
  • High Humidity Moisture Resistant Low Temperature Design
  • Long Lasting Performance and extremely durable components
  • 2 x 12" Woofers in a sealed Chamber
  • Manufactured in North America using Eminence components

"The Octasound Speaker systems have lasted 30 plus years in hockey rinks"