A good classroom audio system should meet the following criteria.

1. The sound system should be easy and intuitive for a wide range of end users to operate. Removing the need for constant system orientation.

2. Components should be metal and vandal resistant. Plastic panels and controls are good for home use but not for a school. They're just too easy to vandalize/break.

3. The system should not be computer programmed or rely on any software. It's simply not required and complicates the system. Manufacturers of software based systems constantly discontinue or remove support from their products. 

4. Should always ready for use.This eliminates several hours of staff time if the system is installed and ready to operate. Connect / Plug in your device and turn up the volume.

 Equipment List

2 x Octasound BCS2X3 ceiling speakers

1 x Octasound RABX2 Remote Audio Mixer - Bluetooth and Auxilliary input - Or Octasound RAMX2 for Microphone and Auxiliary Inputs

1 x Octasound RAAX2 Amplifier

1 x Octasound SMLV-2-LD dual gang vandal case for remote audio devices.

Wiring Diagram for a Classroom Sound System using Octasound Electronics Modules and Speakers

 classroom audio system octasound diagram commercial design

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