Save time and money without the headaches of complex programming, software maintenance, and staff training that digital based systems require.

With an Octasound System, End-Users and Staff can interface without the need for training. The Octasound RAMX2 Mixer for headphone and MIC inputs and the RABX2 for headphone and Bluetooth inputs provide an intuitive, easy to operate gym sound system. Simply connect your music device/microphone and adjust volume up or down.
Place the RAMX2 and RABX2 mixers anywhere in your arena. Timekeepers, Manager's Office etc. More mixers / locations can be added if required.
The RABX2 and RAMX2 mixers fit in a standard electrical 1110 box or KDM's flush and surface mount cases with a locking door for added security and protection.
The Octasound SP860A and OS2X12 are impact resistant and ready to hang out of the box. No complex rigging required.
*** The RABX2 Bluetooth enabled mixer can be factory programmed prior to shipping with a custom Bluetooth ID and Pairing Code. Up to 20 characters limit each. eg. Bluetooth ID = Your Arena's Name, Pairing Code = Password1234

Equipment List

1 x Octasound SP860A central speakers
1 x Octasound OS2X12 bipole subwoofer
1 x Octasound RAMX2 Remote Audio Mixer - Mic and Auxilliary input
1 x Octasound RABX2 Remote Audio Mixer - Bluetooth and Auxilliary input
1 x 300 Watt Amplifier
1 x 750 Watt Amplifier
1 x Dual 15 Band Equalizer

Wiring Diagram for a Hockey Arena Sound System using Octasound Electronics Modules and Speakers

 octasound wiring hockey arena sound system

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