Outdoor Bar Sound System Design Example - Octasound

Criteria and design goals for an outdoor bar sound system.

- Wires should be hidden and not visible along the poles.
- Speakers should be hidden and not visible on the poles.
- Sound should fill the area without any particular speaker being hot into anyone's ear.
- Amplifier should be small and compact with a clean looking installation.
- Interface should be intuitive with no user manual or complex training required.
- The system should remain forever compatible with future audio devices.

The Solution

Octasound speakers mount up into the ceiling and can be custom colored to blend into the ceiling. Wiring is easily hidden from view.  
Incorporating a Bluetoofh and aux receiver paired to a 2 x 50 Watt amp allows staff and visitors to easily pair their devices and enjoy full range audio around the entire bar.
A full range sound experience that guests and visitors will remember.
The RAAX2 2 x 50 watt amplifier has rear bass and treble controls that allow for hidden tuning, low and high frequencies. Tune one channel for mids and highs, the other for a subwoofer.
Using the SMLV-2-LD case the entire electronic component is ony 7" x5.75" x 3.75". The system can easily be mounted anywhere in the bar area for convenient access.

Equipment - 5 Components

1 x SP800A Central Speaker
1 x OS2X8 Subwoofer
1 x RABX2 Bluetooth and Aux Mixer
1 x RAAX2 Remote 2 x 50 Watt amplifier 
1 x SMLV-2-LD

octasound tiki outdoor bar

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